In my Hindi post on ‘Sabrimala’ I, not a student of science, was going purely by intuition. I am firm in my opinion that in advocating ‘equality’ of women we only drag them down from their much higher platform. I beg to reiterate in Indian (Hindu) way of life this call for ‘equality’ found its berth only after western invasions. Everything Indian was so much out of the invaders’ mental and psychological grasp, and cognizance also, that they ultimately acknowledged us as ‘backward’ and ‘contemptible’.

Once they lived here, many of them simply fell in love with us. Jim Corbett the hunter was one such soul.

Famous for his book ‘Man-eaters of Kumaon’ Jim Corbett had written another book which he affectionately titled “My India”. He dedicated this book to millions of Indians about whom he observed – “In my India, the India I know, there are four hundred million people, ninety percent of whom are simple, honest, brave, loyal, hard-working souls whose daily prayer to God, and to whatever Government is in power, is to give them security of life and of property to enable them to enjoy the fruits of their labours.”

This observation of Corbett’s about Indians was in 20th century! We can perceive the values Indians (Hindus) breathed in 8th century or prior when by and large these invasions increased in frequency. Nonetheless, Jim Corbett’s comment about us explains why we never bothered ourselves to resist and dismiss ‘alien’ dominance in life, thought and culture.

The womenfolk as an ‘oppressed’ class is initially a western concept, not a Hindu view, which has its origins in ‘The Bible’ itself – “….But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man…..For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man, for neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man….” etc. (New Testament)

There is an Arab saying: “Beat your woman every morning. If you don’t know why, she does.”

Here in India, before these invaders laid their feet on our land, ‘Manusmriti’ had said thus thousands of years ago about women: “यथैव आत्मा तथा पुत्र:  पुत्रेण दुहिता  समा । तस्यां आत्मनि तिष्ठन्त्यां कथं अन्यं धनं हरेत ।।“ …” As is the self, so is the son. So is the daughter equal to a son. When the daughter, who is oneself, exists, who else could inherit  the  estate?” (9:130).

Not only this, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, proved life in plants through his researches in biophysics. His major contribution was the demonstration of the electrical nature of the conduction of various stimuli, such as wounds, chemical agents etc. in plants.

The ‘Manusmriti’ had observed thousands of years ago like this: गुच्च गुल्मं  तु विविधं अन्त:संज्ञा भवन्त्येते सुख दुःख समन्विता” … “Various plants, creepers and grasses possess internal consciousness and experience pleasure and pain.” (1.48-49)

The western opinion makers don’t spare even their own, distortion being another name of ‘intelligence’ for them. Friedrich Nietzsche, who had understood the worth of “Manusmriti” was branded a Nazi. Nobody cared to ascertain that in 1901, a year after Friedrich’s death, Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche, his sister, published ‘The Will to Power’, the re-structured version of his hasty compilation of writings he had never intended for print. Hitler liked the book and also rewarded her after his rise to power. It was Elisa, being a Nazi, who created the most destructive myth of all: Nietzsche as the godfather of fascism!

One wonders, (if not, one should), the urgency western cultures felt to disgrace us was never felt for a review of their own disposition!

Hindu organizations in south India have felt hurt due to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow women to visit the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Traditionally women aged 10 to 50 were prevented from entering the temple because Lord Ayyappa, the deity of the Sabarimala temple, is a bachelor (Naishtika Brahmachari), and their faith tells them the presence of young women would ‘disturb’ the deity. Hindu women devotees have expressed anger at the court’s decision. They insist they do not wish to enter the Sabarimala temple violating the ancient traditions of the temple.

Tradition and faith apart, Dr. Nisha Pillai, an Indian-American cardiologist has scientifically explained why menstruating women should not enter Hindu temples. Dr. Pillai, who was born in Kerala and obtained her medical degree from Kottayam Medical College, completed her medical residency and fellowship in New York, and is a cardiologist at the reputed Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York. Using her extensive scientific knowledge and expertise in modern medicine, Dr. Pillai explains very clearly the scientific reasons why women were not allowed to enter Hindu temples, and she also points out the deficiencies of modern science and modern medicine.

The remaining portion of this article belongs entirely to Dr. Nisha Pillai (courtesy “Kerala Media”) because it contains the key scientific principles highlighted by Dr. Pillai. The words are exactly as spoken by her.


“As someone working in the medical field for 25-30 years I wanted to give a scientific explanation on why women should not enter the temple during menstruation.

“Unlike other religions’ places of worship which are prayer halls, Hindu temples are situated within a magnetic field. We construct and consecrate the Hindu temple in an area with high magnetic field.

“When a Priest (thanthri) consecrates a Hindu temple, a life force is transferred from the priest to the idol in the temple, and this life force is expanded and the place becomes an ethereal environment.

“The body has different levels of existence, which modern science has not understood, and that has caused several misconceptions in society.

“Just as this mobile phone has hardware, software, and battery, we also have a body, we have our mind, and we have an energy body.

“The biggest deficiency of modern medicine is that it is a structural science. Its understanding is limited to the hardware of the body. If you ask physicians like me who practice modern medicine, we don’t have a good explanation to how the mind works.

“Prana or life force is an energy body that works through the 72,000 nerves (nadis) in our body which go parallel to our nervous system.

“There are 7 plexus in our body or “Chakras” similar to the neural plexus. In every person, there is a basic life force that resides in our “Mooladhaara” or anal plexus.

“If you go above it (anal plexus), that’s where our survival or fighting instinct is based. Above that and near the celiac plexus is where our business instinct is based.

“The life force in each person is at a different level.

“We go to the (Hindu) temple so that we can raise our energy from its lower level to progressively higher levels to universal awareness. This is the concept of spirituality in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).

“Spirituality is the process by which we raise the energy in our lower level to the next level, step by step, to grow into universal awareness.

“Temples (Hindu) move our life force in an upward direction.

“There are five “Prana Vayu” (life forces or vital air) in the body. These are Prana, Samana, Apana, Vyana, and Udana. There are also upa-vayu (sub-life forces) like ‘Prasuti-vayu’, the vital air responsible for child birth.

“Prasuti-vayu” is situated in the uterus and the female genital organs. It creates a negative force, a downward force, when a woman is menstruating.

“The downward force of the “Prasuti-vayu” is very strong when a woman is pregnant, that is how the head of the baby in the womb comes down by the 8th month of pregnancy.

“Menstruating women should not go to temples because they experience a downward force in their body, while the temple pulls our life force upwards. So it may cause the menstrual blood to go back into the body in the opposite direction, or may cause the tubes in the uterus to become closed, which could lead to infertility or endometriosis.

“Lord Ayyappa (deity of the Sabarimala temple), a form of Sastha, is a celibate, and in the Sabarimala temple his idol is seated in the yoga pose called ‘Yogapattasana’, which is favorable to celibacy.

“In everyone of us there is a male form (bhava) and a female form. Every person is partly male and partly female in our thinking and in our existential level.

“In this century whatever is needed for our spiritual development is provided by Lord Ayyappa.

“We have to observe 41 days of “Mandala Kaalam” (vow of austerity) before we go to Sabarimala temple. This is because our body needs 21 days to complete a cell- renewal cycle. When we take a vow of austerity during the 41 days of “Mandala Kaalam”, our body goes through two complete cell regeneration cycles, which change our thoughts and mind.

“Women are not able to observe the vow of austerity for 41 days because it is not good for them to experience positive energy or northward energy when they have “Prasuti-vayu” which creates a negative or downward force. So women are excluded from observing penance.

“Lord Ayyappa does not think that it is impure for women to come to the Sabarimala temple. Women are asked to stay away from the Ayyappa temple to protect their own health.

“A devotee’s body and mind need to be pure if you are to step on the ‘Srichakra’ and go to the Sabarimala temple, for which you need to undergo penance for the 41 days of the “Mandala Kaalam”. Women are asked not to go to the temple because we cannot do the 41 days penance, so we have no right to step on the ‘Srichakra’ in the temple. Will you knowingly step on a buried time bomb? If we go to the temple during the menstruation, the Prana Vayu (life form) active in our body will take its negative form and hurt us. Our problem is that many people don’t have this information. All this is very scientific.” Unquote.

Unable to match our merit, also completely incompetent to comprehend our stature, the foreign invaders only contrived to humiliate us!

This continues at the hands of modern-day educated Indians too! We have to be aware of this deceit.


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