Food Moms cook

Indian kitchens are the perfect laboratory for health services.

We Indians, when asked what was worth eating, used to promptly tell: ‘पयं पक्वा घृतं पक्वा’ – that which was either cooked in milk or with butter oil (ghee). This penchant for milk and ghee has been so striking that there was a saying – “काम घी का, नाम बड़ी बहू का!”

The खूसट elders were so gourmandised with ghee as not to acknowledge any cooking merit in the daughter-in-law the senior, although happy with the food.

Yet, one thing was certain, confirmed with the burp after food.

They recollected what their mother used to cook for them!

Cooking is a great art of communication.

Nothing but a mother substantiates it.

Mothers, more so Indian mothers, know by each of their instincts what ingredients and spices were required for which food, and in what quantity. Mothers know they cook for their child, the most precious part of her existence that had come out of her. A mother is in unbroken communication with the broth, as if the dish itself whispered in her ears “now DO this!!”

What along with the greatest of spices she puts into the cooking stock is — all her love, every drop of it; all the care, every iota of it; and all the affection, every element of it!.

The flavours and aroma of whatever my mother ever cooked for us — the brothers and the sister, are still part of my being.

I am no great eater but at times I feel a compulsion to try my hand at THAT cooking and with the same art of communication with the solid food which my mother prepared.

I exactly copy what my mother used to give us to eat.

But alas! it still WAS not the same!!

Because I don’t know where from to gather all that love, care and affection which only a mother oozes.

Was that how our father more often missed our grandma’s cooking, and grandpa greatgrandma’s?

यदि हम सुगन्धिम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् भोजन के तृप्तिपूर्वक ग्रहण का मूल्य न समझें तो भगवान् त्र्यंबक भी हमें रोग और मृत्यु से मोक्ष प्रदान कर अमृतत्व कैसे दे पायेंगे?

Jai Ma!



2 thoughts on “Food Moms cook

  1. वाकई में माँ के खाने की बात ही कुछ और होती है।


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