India and Indians are busy with Lord Ganesha. A video clip had gone viral recently on social media highlighting a Madrid Church inviting Lord’s procession inside and seek His blessings.
I too shared the clip with a lot of friends and acquaintances and followed with the complete news on how the priest Bishop Rafael Zornoza Boy had to apologise for causing “deep sorrow for this ‘unfortunate’ fact that has caused damage, confusion or scandal in the Christian community”.
I was questioned by a few of my ‘progressive’ activist friends if sharing the clip was not just sufficient in the interest of secularism. What was the need to share the complete news item which in the end harmed the ‘goodwill’?
Secularism? Was it a tool to speak “half-truths”?
I am firm in my opinion that no other nation, community or religion than only Hinduism & India could ever be truly secular. Because of Hindu lifestyle, India is the only land having world’s all religions.
We are like a rich library which contains all books of all languages.

India is a great library of all religions.

Abrahamic religions like Christianity and Islam usually don’t want to even dream of this. They feel insecure in such a scenario and feel an urge to criticize/destroy Hinduism.
Can we think of a reason for this attitude?
Reason could be they are religious, not spiritual. They know nothing about God or Allah. Whereas even a non-believer and atheist is allowed to be a good Hindu. They don’t feel like exploring to understand this.
All they can think of is a need to have more and more crowds of Christians or Muslims before and behind them. For this they more often indulge in conversions. They are then reassured that when such a large crowd speaks of a God/Allah, there M U S T be a God/Allah. This in turn certifies their authority as cleric. They are sure Hinduism should be opposed which can afford a नास्तिक among believing (religious) Hindus.
So, secularism is not the answer. Indian lifestyle IS. This they call हिन्दुत्व.
This lifestyle is not based in any religion. It is an economics, the agrarian economy which has so far successfully cushioned all world wide recessions.
Incidentally, ‘Hindu’ is a Persian word, nowhere to be seen in entire Samskrut literature and scriptures.
कल अनंत चतुर्दशी है. हम गणेशजी का विसर्जन करेंगे, secularism का नहीं.
Our Constitution tells us to be secular to religions, not to be secular to Lifestyle.

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